Moti Ram Arya School

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Labour Day (2024-25)

Talent Hunt (2024-25)

Investiture Ceremony (2024-25)

Red Day Celebration (2024-25)

Earth Day (2024-25)

B.R. Ambedkar Jayanti (2024-25)

Baisakhi Celebration (2024-25)

Table Manners & Bread Jam Activity (2024-25)

My First Hand Impression (2024-25)

World Health Day (2024-25)

Scribbling Clay Activity(2024-25)

Welcome of Pre-Primary(2024-25)

Gandhi Jayanti

Independence Day (2023-24)

Nursery Pool Party

Investiture Ceremony (2023-24)

Mother’s Day – (2023-24)



Teacher’s Day

Sport’s Day

Christmas Day

Investiture Ceremony(2022-23)

Independence Day

Red Day (2022-23)

Grand Parent’s Day (2022-23)

EduFun 2022

Dussehra (2022-23)

Diwali (2022-23)

Pre-Primary Activities(2022-23)

Yoga Activity

Christmas Celebration (2022-23)

Children’s Day(2022-23)

Visit to Bird Park

Lohri Celebrations (2022-23)

Republic Day (2022-23)

Investiture Ceremony (2021-22)

Farewell (2022-23)

Labour Day (2023-24)

Mothers Day (2022-23)

Redevelopment of 508 Railway Stations

Independence Day

Teacher’s Day

Raahgiri Day

Workshop-Hubs of Learning

Peace Rally

Activity conducted by Savlon